How small Australian farmers should own a tractor

Australia is a major exporter and a producer in the agricultural sector, and over 0.35 million people depend on this sector. Agriculture and its nearby sector contributes 12% share of the total GDP. It’s quite a respected number from a single sector. Throughout the country there is a mix of dry land farming and irrigation. Agriculture is one of the most important factors in any country’s development, so as Australia. Agricultural sector is so competitive in Australia, that it has helped them to drive their global competitiveness. We can’t neglect the role of farmer’s contribution towards the development. Still there are a lot of challenges they face. They require innovation and ingenuity as well as a change in the attitude. Australian farmers are always at the forefront of technology innovation as Farmers have an access to advanced tools. They are producing 93% of Australia’s domestic food supply. According to CSIRO’s report, Smart farming is the best way to increase productivity and reduce risks. Many small farmers don’t have their own tractors (Kubota is a great brand to own) and they used to get their land plower on contract.

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Which Farming Tractor to Choose from?

There are a lot of service providers (for tractors) available in the market. Farmers can opt for anyone from the giant tractor companies. John Deere, Croplands testimonial, Kanga testimonial, KUHN testimonial etc. are the giant tractor companies available in the Australian market. A lot of government organisations are available in Australia who looks after farmer’s health and safety. One of them is NFF. It stands for National Farmers Federation. According to NFF, there are over 1, 35,000 farms available in country (almost 61% of the landmass). Farmers are committed to the sustainable agricultural employment. It can be achieved through adoption of practices aligned with legal obligations or measures to promote fairness at work. A farmer who owns a tractor can help his neighbour by providing his tractor on rent. Practically every farmer knows what a tractor will do, but the particular operations that a tractor will perform efficiently and profitably. These benefits are not understandable to those farmers who do not own a tractor. Even farmers who already own a tractor won’t be able to decide whether to use tractors or animals.

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The amount and kind of work that will be done by a tractor is considerably appreciable. Indeed, the work done by the tractor is considerably better than animals. A tractor is reliable, one which will perform efficiently throughout the season. In modern era farmers used their tractors tilling and planting fields. They also used it to routine lawn care, landscape maintenance, spreading fertilisers. Modern tractors are versatile in nature. There’s a wide range of models designed and manufactured to offer versatility. Typically modern tractors are made up of powerful engines that will help in running over rough terrain and pulling heavy loads.

What makes these machinery more effective?

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That makes them effective in tough farming or landscape tasks. Modern era tractors feature hydrostatic and power shift transmission. It is mainly used to simplify operations. These tractors are also provided with power steering which helps them to make turns much smoother. Advanced models also help to reduce operator fatigue with shift controls and automotive response transmission. These tractors provide a wide range of gardening and farming implements which includes front end loader attachments, they can also consider purchasing used farm machinery on sale.

As mentioned above there are loads of benefits that the small farmers can avail if they own a tractor. Australia is a developed country and there are a lot of schemes available for farmers from the Australian government. Recently Salvation Army has launched the Salvos rural scheme for the poor farmers which provide practical and emotional support to farmers and families in need.

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