How To Know Your First Date Is Crazy

What someone says or does at a speed dating party In Hobart doesn’t mean they’ll act the same on a proper first date. Because people have a tendency to act normal on

This is such a broad subject, because maybe that person might come off crazy at first, because they had a bad day, or they have past bad experience, but there are a few key things to look out for that will automatically tell you if your first date should be your last.

Do They Already Know About Your Family

Have they already stalked you so hard that they know that names of your siblings, or your parents, or even your first cousins? This is a dead giveaway, if they have already looked you up before you have even gotten the chance to know them. Now, checking someone out on any social media outlet is quite common, and should not be confused with full-on stalking. If they ask you if you have siblings, great. If they ask you how your aunt Sylvia’s arthritis is going, that’s a big no no. Make sure to just use common sense, and if they are asking about something they should have no idea about, be afraid, be very afraid.

They Order For You On A First Date

Now, this can either excite you, or peeve you off. But on a first date, never order, or presume to know what the other person wants. Especially if it’s your first date ordering for you. But ordering for someone else without even knowing them, you are throwing around a bunch of presumptions. “Do they know what you like? How would they? We just met!” These are just things to avoid in general, man or women, no one should be presuming anything, or ordering anything. Let everyone do their own thing!

They Talk About Marriage

Marriage is a very personal thing and should wait until at least the second or third date. So unless you have originally decided to meet up to talk about marriage, just do not talk about it. If they are talking about things involving you in the future, be aware, it could be fun and conversational, but if they are planning you in a wedding, or naming your children, run.

Just remember, if you are the one doing these things, you might be the crazy one and if someone is doing these things, they probably are crazy, so watch out. When dating or finding dates through speed dating in Melbourne, always make sure to make it fun and entertaining, so as it may not be entertaining during the date, it will give you stories for years!

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