Visit Tasmania, the forgotten paradise of Australia

Australia is one of the most loved destinations of the tourists from all around the world. People select cities like Sydney and Melbourne to spend their vacations with their loved ones. But people often tend to forget the island that can be said one of the lovely places in Australia. This is Tasmania. If you are in search of a place where you can stay away from the city hassles, the Tasmania can be the perfect place for you in Australia. There are some amazing facts among Tasmania that can attract you to visit this place at least once in your whole lifetime. 2015-07-29 11-27-13

The Scenery of the place

New Zealand is the place that is known for its natural landscapes in the Southern Hemisphere. After New Zealand, if there is such a place with such amazing natural landscaping then it is Tasmania. You get amazing views of the rugged mountains, stunning coastlines and rainforests. If you have visited Scotland, you may get the similar view in Tasmania also. The winding roads cut through the mountains and allows you to view such beautiful and amazing natural scenes. The most highly recommended route where you can see such amazing scenes is the way to the Cradle Mountains.

The Beaches

If the name Australia is taken for beaches, then the very first name that comes to mind is of Queensland. But the fact is that nobody knows that for the best beaches, many awards have gone to Tasmania many a times. Some of the amazing Bays that you can find here are The Bay of Fires, Wine Glass Bay and many others. 2015-07-29 11-35-12Again many of you must have avoided Itis, as it is named to be the coldest states of Australia. But visiting this amazing state and its beaches during summer can definitely shock you with its comfortable climate and stunning views.

Food and Wine

Tasmania is also known for its wines and cool wine regions. You must have heard about some of the famous names such as Pinot Noir. These sparkling wines are from Tasmania and are world famous. If you have come to a place of wine, you should definitely view the amazing wineries. If you take your way for the Tamar Valley, you will be amazed by various winery collections. You can see various ranges from the boutique, to old and also to ultra modern. Here you can enjoy some of the most delicious dishes that you can enjoy with wine.

The Wildlife

You can get some of the most amazing wildlife trips here at Tasmania due to the existence of the Rainforests. If you are interesting in trekking and safari, then you can enjoy some of the best experiences in the forests here.

Apart from this there are a number of other places of interest that you can visit. If you want to have some scary adventure then you can have a visit to Port Arthur that was earlier a colonial prison and now is said to be haunted. 2015-07-29 11-38-52

Tasmania is one such corner of the world that is avoided by many travelers. But visitors, who witness the beauty of this place, have a special feeling about Tasmania for the entire life.